What's Open Longevity?
We are a community of rationally-minded people. We rather prefer life over death, especially young and healthy life. We are against aging and support using a scientific approach to fight it.
How big is the community?
Team members
> 6000
Community members within different social media
> 200
Tourists in our Longevity City
Aging is complicated
But we want to figure it out during our lifetime.
We are looking for solutions in the scientific and technical spheres: biology, medicine, bioinformatics. From healthy lifestyles with proven efficacy and reviews of what science already knows, to the launch of new research. But that's not all.
The task of finding a cure for old age is the most important task to us. But this is not just a scientific problem—it is also a social one. However, social problems require scientific approaches as well, at least empirical ones. Anyway, we are here to analyze and take action in any direction required.
Co-founder of OL
What exactly are we doing?
These are not just our projects. Potentially, these are your projects too. Join now!
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