The LIST OF ANALYSIS, procedures and medical DOCTORS
Diagnostics of aging
What is it, why it is something you might needed and how to interpret the results?
What is it?
The diagnostics of aging is the measurement of the current state of health according to objective indicators in order to reduce the likelihood of death from all causes, that is, from old age.

Our task is to conduct clinical trials of the diagnostics of aging, introduce it into clinical practice and constantly improve it, taking into account current scientific knowledge and modern technological capabilities.
Why do I need it?
To live longer and better, to postpone the onset of all the bad things that are associated with old age. Aging is a total disruption of the body's work, ultimately leading to biological death. It requires effective treatment, but in order to manage the aging process, we must first learn how to diagnose it in the early stages.
Is our diagnostics enough?
The list of the tests below is a variant of the basic health check. If you have specific complaints (something hurts, looks strange, worries, or just doesn't look like it did before), then of course you should contact your specialized doctor or a therapist or an endocrinologist.

Once you've got the results of our tests, you should also go to a doctor. There is a list of recommended MDs below. We add new specialists as often as possible.
Open longevity diagnostic panel
Aging Theranostic 1.0
(basic panel)
The current, fifth, version of the aging diagnostic panel was decided to call Theranostic. In addition to the basic panel there is an extended Pro version, which can be found here.

The basic panel consists of three sections: blood tests, hardware diagnostics (ultrasound and ECG), and everything that a patient can measure on his own or in a doctor's office. In the Pro version there are more parameters, plus there is a marker defined by hair.
Markers marked with * do not need to be measured independently — they are calculated from other markers. But we still include them in this list, since we are interested in their values.
The book provides information on research in the field of the biology of aging and diseases associated with it. The most important biomarkers, which can show age-related changes and diseases that shorten life expectancy.

This is the first part of the Longevity Cookbook's strategy to defeat aging. It is intended for a wide range of readers. The book is yet in Russian, but a new, better one, is on its way, which we are going to translate.

351 scientific articles—that's how many you will find in the list of references at the end. But to write this text, Dmitry has studied several thousands. We provide an electronic version for free. The book on paper is still available at our events and distributed through a number of bookstores in Moscow.
View PDF version of the book
The paper version can be purchased at bookstores in Moscow: Young Guard, Moscow, MDK and branches of MDK, Medkniga on Frunzenskaya. According to our agreement, the selling price should be no more than 470 rubles.
How does it work for a user?
A visit to a lab
You do the blood work and undergo ultrasound and ECG in any convenient place or at our partners—in the DNKOM laboratory in Moscow.

Important! You give blood on an empty stomach, without any overloading, sports and overeating. Since the procedure includes ultrasound, it is better to call and make an appointment in advance.
After receiving your results from the lab, you can compare them with the norms of Open Longevity, which do not always coincide with the medical ones, being more stringent (but remaining within the medical intervals). One can find the OL norms in the table of the diagnostic panel above.
The MD's consultation
We highly recommend to consult a medical doctor, once getting your lab results. One can find a list of MDs below.
Marker improvements
Take medications, do sports, stick to a recommended diet, monitor the mode and quality of sleep. If desired (and having no contraindications) you are welcome to participate in a study of diets. After the course of therapy, one should undergo diagnostics once again to see if the markers of youth have improved.
How much is it?
The tests
— Blood sampling and analysis
— ECG, ultrasound
*This is a price for the Theranostic OL 1.0 (basic panel) in the DNKOM lab in Moscow, Russia
11,900 Rub
The price depends on the specialist. You can find the list of accredited doctors below.
5,000 Rub
We know these doctors and trust their opinion. At the same time we will happily add new specialists to this list, just drop us a line or better a CV.

We do not profit from doctors' consultations.
К списку врачей
We invite everyone to participate in the development and improvement of the diagnostic panel of aging. We are open to any suggestions, discussions, clarifications and objections—all this will serve the development of our idea.