What's Open Longevity?

Our task is to run clinical trials of anti-aging therapies. There are a lot of candidates for anti-aging drugs – geroprotectors. Promising results can be seen in tests on lab animals and in observational human studies. It's time to determine what intervention exactly will be best for each individual.

Our plan is to channel the energy of patients to find the best one . We create the infrastructure project linking scientists, physicians and potential subjects.
Open Longevity Project has two parts:

First, it's a patients organization initiating clinical trials. Patients will become not only initiators, but also the holders of the obtained data. We want to aim their energy in scientific track and to give everyone a chance to contribute in the fight against aging. Of course, this does not negate the fact that all studies will be conducted strictly under the supervision of professionals.

We are talking about a public non-profit organization, and of course there will be other goals for it: fundraising and attracting other resources, lobbying and education. The more members we have, the louder will be our voice.
Second, Open Longevity is an online platform for self health monitoring. Yes, there are a lot of platforms like this. But we're special – we want to turn every patient into the researcher. Do you take medications, supplements or just experiment with your diet? We encourage everyone to pass the required tests before and after your interventions. This will give an understanding of whether it works for you or not. And will generate big data. Isn't it what's been lacking, our little programmers of neural networks?

Is this clinical trial already? Not really, it's much more complicated than that. But these thoroughly prepared studies, which we have yet to run, do not change the fact that if you observe any indicators of your health now, this data should not be lost.