Open Longevity

A community of rationally-minded people,
seeking radical life extension.
We want to channel the energy of patients into scientific research. For this to happen we create the infrastructure, linking scientists, physicians and patients — both as subjects and sponsors.
One of our main projects is to run anti-aging clinical trials at the expense of and with the help from patients.

There are a lot of candidates for anti-aging therapies: drugs and supplements (geroprotectors), diets, exercises, mental techniques, proper sleep — these are already in practice, though not always for anti-aging purposes. There are also promising therapies in research, the results are seen on lab animals and in observational and even pilot human studies.
It's time to determine what intervention exactly will be best for each individual.

Our projects

An online algorithm working with our diagnostics panel. Several thousands articles have been analyzed in order to put all the principles together. A patient answers several questions and uploads his diagnostic's results and gets a 6-months program on diet, exercises, meds and supplements to make the biomarkers and state of health better.
Yes, we do have it already.
This page about Open Longevity is temporary and too far from being perfect as any reasonable person can see. We hope we'll find time for its upgrade and are open to any help.

If you have any questions, please contact Anastasia Egorova.